Indian Creek & All the Things I Want to do to You

Crack climbing is one of those things that provokes a lot of "that's what she said" jokes no matter who you're with. They all come out, and everyone's true colors shine ever so brightly. Crack climbing is different everywhere you go. The rock is different everywhere you climb. Indian Creek is probably the truest test... Continue Reading →


Hiking Bierstadt & Evans in a Day

For those of you who don't know this already, hiking '14-ers' in Colorado is THE thing to do. Well I had never hiked one for the first four years of living in Colorado because asthma and altitude don't really mix well. But this friend I knew from Germany (my best friend throughout middle school, whom... Continue Reading →

Playing in the Garden

"If you learned to climb in the Garden, you can climb anywhere in the world." -saying I've heard climbing in the Garden   Garden of the Gods is one of those climbing locations with a ton of history and awesome tradition. Many underestimate the climbing in the Garden since it is right in the middle... Continue Reading →

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