La Petit Nullité

She had finally fallen asleep when a strange sound woke her up. She looked at her phone; it was four in the morning. Her basement room was illuminated by a light from outside her basement window. She could’ve sworn she had turned off the back-porch light. She walked upstairs to turn it off. When she... Continue Reading →


This Thing We Call “The Wild”

I recently read a social media post one of my friends from a long time ago wrote. She wrote about this experience she had where she was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and passed a family, where the two daughters were about ten feet behind the parents on their hike. One of the girls... Continue Reading →

Hiking Bierstadt & Evans in a Day

For those of you who don't know this already, hiking '14-ers' in Colorado is THE thing to do. Well I had never hiked one for the first four years of living in Colorado because asthma and altitude don't really mix well. But this friend I knew from Germany (my best friend throughout middle school, whom... Continue Reading →

Playing in the Garden

"If you learned to climb in the Garden, you can climb anywhere in the world." -saying I've heard climbing in the Garden   Garden of the Gods is one of those climbing locations with a ton of history and awesome tradition. Many underestimate the climbing in the Garden since it is right in the middle... Continue Reading →

Along for the Climb. Episode 2

We arrived at the base of Ancient Art. The steep sandstone tower right in front of us, blocking out the spectacular view of Castle Valley below. It was all we could see. In this giant corridor made of sandstone, we could only look up. And that was where were headed...was up. We were actually going... Continue Reading →

Along for the Climb. Episode 1

Awestruck doesn't even fit what I was experiencing, I don't even know what it was. I was awestruck, excited, in disbelief that this was reality. I didn't even remember falling asleep on the couch. I'm horrible at taking naps and would have never even laid down on a normal day. This day was different. I... Continue Reading →

Something About the Desert

There is something about the desert that I just can't put my finger on. No words I come up with can accurately describe the uniqueness of the Western Slope/Utah desert. You're faced with giant sandstone cliffs etched with gorgeous features created by the past, or in strange looking formations like inspiring towers or arches. In... Continue Reading →

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